On being a Renaissance women                                       in the 21st century

As an artist and writer/photographer, anthropologist and art critic, you recreate the world with your unique vision and weave stories that inspire and provoke thought. 


An art organizer brings together diverse talents, fostering a vibrant community of cultural expression. It all springs from the same notion of embracing creativity and versatility and merging into one cohesive statement.


For an art critic in New York, writing is an exploration of the city's vibrant artistic landscape, where every gallery,

museum, and street corner holds inspiration. Each review crafted is a testament to the dynamic pulse of contemporary art, capturing the essence of innovation and tradition intertwined. However, it also entails meticulous research to navigate the diverse trajectories of artists and galleries.


Conversely, my work as an anthropologist in Guatemala immerses me in the rich history and culture of the Maya, each word revealing the mysteries of ancient civilizations and the enduring wisdom of its people. 


Emerging from these diverse experiences, as well as the life of a cosmopolitan polyglot, and the vivid imagery drawn from the myriad situations life presents, is the art of creative writing. It manifests in poems inspired by the enchantment of India or reflections on an upbringing blending aristocracy and refugee heritage within one family.